Yogita Ajgaonkar

Founder & CEO

Yogita drives the product and overall strategic vision at TIWIW.

A Harvard Business School alumnus and an engineer with a 22-year successful corporate experience, she possesses a unique blend of creativity, innovation and a grounded approach - qualities that have helped her to consistently attain a balance between business and customer needs. Always looking for challenges, Yogita honed her skills in the two companies that were game changers - rediff.com & Reliance Communications which revolutionised the Internet and Telecom in India. During this period she held various leadership roles including head of global business. It is this experience of working in trendsetting industries, backed with a global perspective, which has given shape to Yogita's vision for TIWIW.

She left her corporate career in 2018 to establish TIWIW. An ardent believer in the power of digital technology, she is also a co-founder of i.reaities, a digital communications and entertainment company. Besides this, she also mentors a clutch of start-ups.

Yogita is passionate about developing more women leaders and help them to take a path less travelled. Having journeyed across the world, she brings a unique sensitivity to different cultures and is keen to contribute in the area of child/senior care and environment protection. An intrepid traveller with boundless energy, her wish is to take TIWIW places!

01. What is the inspiration for TIWIW?

TIWIW is a platform inspired by real life. Our world is facing major challenges from social, economical to growing carbon footprint. It requires participation from every person and enterprises to create impactful collaboration to address the global burden.

02. What is Idea behind TIWIW?

Our time on earth is precious and resources we have are limited. We spend most of it earning and then spending. People spend lot of time finding the right gift for loved ones, thinking of the expression of the person when he or she opens. We might spend time and a good amount of money…we wait for that moment…when the recipient opens the gift and his or her eyes sparkle. Oops that perfect scene does not happen all the time. Why? And what happens to all those unwanted gifts?

03. How TIWIW is going to help?

Purchasing for someone else is tricky. That's why we've probably all been in an awkward position when we got a crappy gift and had to smile and pretend to like it.

TIWIW is an effort to help you pick up the right things which the recipient values. The platform makes it easier for a person to express wishes and share with friends and family.

04. Is TIWIW contributing to the social welfare?

Empathy and caring is important. By showing someone you care by gifting them what they want, which they truly value can bring real joy. By enabling the communities to participate, the platform will shift the world towards mindful living; reduce wastage and better utilization of the world resources while spreading happiness.